The Sisters Brothers

The Sisters Brothers

By Jacques Audiard

  • Genre: Jacques Audiard
  • Release Date: 2018-09-21
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 2h 1min
  • Director: Jacques Audiard
  • Production Company: Why Not Productions
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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In The Sisters Brothers, Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly blaze a trail of action, adventure and sly wit as Charlie and Eli Sisters, notorious sibling assassins who are hired to kill a gold prospector accused of stealing from their tyrannical boss. Based on Patrick deWitt’s award-winning novel of the same name, this western is a wildly chaotic ride from start to finish.




  • Bored in minutes...

    By suzyrenegade
    ...and it never picks up. Jake G usually makes such good choices. This movies is a dumpster fire.
  • Dumb people will hate it smart people might like it

    By Eddiev3x
    Read the title ^^^^^
  • Excellent Western

    By Joenyt
    Well acted and great story... beautifully shot.
  • Great Flick!

    By Marcial D.
    This movie is dramatic, funny, interesting, and tragic. The old west setting and colorful characters made it a joy to watch while the events that occur kept me invested. Don’t let other reviews steer you away unless you have no taste either. I’ll make it simple, if you liked the movie “O’ Brother Where Art Thou”, you’ll enjoy this movie as well.
  • Kinda weak

    By Rambo8649
    The cast and acting are good, but this movie isn't sure what it is. The ending is strange. The movie isn't neccessarily bad, but its not good either. Its definitely not a comedy, and I don't know where people got the idea that it is. The scenery is nice, but does not look like the western U.S. I think the writing just stinks. There was potential for sure.
  • Modern Western Comedy

    By Brennydee
    If you’re into that sort of a thing plus stand-out performances, this movie is probably for you.
  • NOPE!

    By RP NYC
    Very disappointing. Nothing really happens for the first hour and then when the plot finally gets going, there still isn’t much to this slow paced film. Don’t know how the three leads got caught up in this dreary Western.
  • Not sure if I watched the same movie

    By Biggie10111
    After reading the initial reviews on this movie and liking the actors and trailer I rented this horrific movie. Super slow and never anything interesting happened. Lots of go nowhere dialogue. Super disappointed
  • Simple and dull

    By Bruno Taut
    Despite the film's American setting, none of the scenes were shot in the United States. Each scene looks like: Spain, France, Romania. Because of that you are not hooked. But worse: The scipt is simple, the movie boring. Like: There were clouds in the sky, so the rain was predictable.
  • Why?

    By ProfPolish
    Westerns always have potential, because they represent the truest American history. Some acquit themselves better than others, but they all seem watchable. I’m sorry to say, I found this film unwatchable. Of course I made it to the end in fairness to this review. I felt like the actors were the shining positive in this film, especially Jake Gyllenhaal. The wide shots of an open range never disappoint, and the plot wasn’t that suspect. The reason I’m giving this movie 2 stars is because I’m tired of social narratives from today’s headlines being injected into a movie by Hollywierd. ... spoilers?? Maybe... This idea of a new society with no greed, with many people ready for a change. Sigh. This was the wild Wild West , people weren’t clamoring for socialism, they were affixed on survival. Just another movie that might have been great being dragged down by politics that shouldn’t have been there.