It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 13

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 13

By It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  • Genre: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Release Date: 2018-09-05
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 151198287
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99


The gang returns, mostly, in the next season of the comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The gang has its hands full as Charlie hopes to have a child, Mac explores his sexuality, Dee takes feminism to new heights, and Frank tries to experience the greatest moment in Philadelphia sports history.




    By CiscoKidWasAFriend
    I pay and i still get ads!!!!
  • Ads

    By Ericadia
    Each episode is started by, and ends with obnoxious ads. What’s the point of buying it if I still have to watch ads?
  • Awesome possum sauce

    By Jesusfanatic7
    God bless ❣️❣️❣️

    By Benson1029384756asf
    Unfortunately FX has decided to add commercials to a paid download. I purchase shows and movies to do things legally and ethically. But I am not pleased that FX has added commercials before the show beings and after the show ends. I'm really frustrated and will consider no longer purchasing items from FX becuase of this. Whatever executive at FX approved this should be dismissed.
  • Episode 10 is terrible. Get rid of Mac

    By lilmikeinfiniti
    You can really start to tell that these guys are starting to go Hollywood just by watching episode 10, it’s super lame 😒. They only make 10 episodes in a season and they waste one of them or should I say the guy that plays Mac wasted one of them by being super lame.
  • Favorite Season

    By Sunspot82
    It’s rare to find a later season in any series to be so amazing. Each episode got me busting out laughing. Aldo, the ending to the season was also refreshing and original. I loved it. Beautiful
  • Holy balls!

    By The Faj
    So great. Green man. Flipadelphia. Nightman Cometh.
  • Still good

    By Iyuhiiho
    Still good even after 13 years!!!!!!
  • The season finally was amazing.

    By MichaelMeacham
    I was not expecting to be moved by my favorite comedy show like I was.
  • They are still amazing

    By mikkkkkkkexachi
    Wow I was scared because I love these guys so much but man oh man they still got it like wow how are you guys still funny 14 years after. Major props thank you to the cast and creators for another great season