Here Alone

Here Alone

By Rod Blackhurst

  • Genre: Rod Blackhurst
  • Release Date: 2017-03-31
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 37min
  • Director: Rod Blackhurst
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 79 Ratings


A young woman struggles to survive alone in the woods after a mysterious epidemic decimates society. Bleak, gritty, and teeming with fear, HERE ALONE tells a story of survival and emotional redemption in a post-apocalyptic landscape.




  • A fresh take on a classic theme

    By sguthals
    I absolutely loved this film. Even though most of the film was "calm", I felt excited and engaged. This film offers a new take on a classic "zombie" plot, engaging the viewer in exploring the question: what would you do if you just had to stay away. This film reminds me in style to It Follows, with a constant sense of danger and yet a serene undertone. I would 100% recommend.
  • Good story but not scary at all

    By Juice121683
    Didn't really like it... good story but not scary and not worth 7 bucks!!
  • Great Apocalyptic Indie Drama

    By RileyDProf
    Director Rod Blackhurst and writer David Ebeltoft's feature length dramatic debut is an impressive study on tragedy, morality and survival. It's well constructed and at times both charming and suspenseful. Lucy Walters shines and leads a talented cast. I loved the upstate NY location photography of Adam McDaid. The real thrills here are in the intense dramatic content rather than zombie action but there remains still a real element of violence and physicality that I appreciate as a genre fan. I'm looking forward to the next project from the duo.
  • Great Movie Must-Watch!

    By raymona498
    This movie is so much more than a zombie horror flick. It’s about the human will to survive and the ability to empathize with others, even in the darkest of times. I don’t typically like horror films, but this was thoughtful, well-written and beautifully acted. The film goes beyond the surface to explore the root of what makes us human. A compelling movie, worth every penny!
  • Not done

    By Blackatmis
    Not for every zombie fan. I like the cerebral aspect but if you're looking for lots of action this isn't it. The ending is disappointing if they don't pick it up in a sequel. Would be a great a first movie in a series but as a stand alone the end leaves you Alone.
  • Not horror

    By Moschell
    tick... tick... tick... like watching mud dry
  • Post SHTF

    By gamboolman
    I liked this show. It is not a zombie show in the traditional sense. It is more how a woman is surviving in the woods. It shows that it is not easy and is very difficult and uncomfortable at best. She makes lots of mistakes thru out the movie - but that is realistic
  • Re-watched this and have re-evaluated..

    By Anonymous Person!
    Actually a very good movie. When I first downloaded and watched this, I was bored-to-death because I was expecting a vicious movie. And this is a vicious movie. But it's a slow burn. Have patience, which I clearly lack.
  • Totally non believable ending ruined it

    By Gooddayeveryone
    The script failed when it mattered most... totally non believable decisions by main character... ugh wasted a very solid first 90 minutes... too bad....
  • Very original Zombie Flick

    By wenna33
    I have to say, it takes a lot of nerve to make a zombie movie where you literally barely see a zombie until almost the end of the film. I love horror, and I love slow paced, minimalist films. This film fits the bill of everything I adore in movie making. The creepy factor is more psychological than typical horror scare techniques one would expect from a zombie film. Good story, disturbing in a personal way, and a nice surprise. Well done!