By Jess Bianchi

  • Genre: Jess Bianchi
  • Release Date: 2017-03-04
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 14min
  • Director: Jess Bianchi
  • Production Company: The Donners' Company
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
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Given is the simple yet powerfully contemplative story of a unique family legacy come full circle. Told through the visceral experience of a 6 yr. old, Given follows legendary surfers Aamion and Daize Goodwin from their island home of Kauai through 15 different countries in the quest for surf and to fulfill a calling handed down through generations. Set in wave after wave of stunningly visual earthscapes, Given blooms into a tender yet stirring exploration of a young boyโ€™s understanding of life through his familial bonds and their reverence for nature. Deeply moving, Given offers us the humbling contrast of a small voice voyaging through a big world as it finds its way home again.




  • 10 Million Stars

    By PinkHeatherBeach
    This is simply the best movie ever. Period. The cinematography is unreal, the story is fantastic, the narration is unique, and the message is the most powerful and important to be learned. This movie is a blessing to watch.
  • Amazing Film

    By karencapaldi
    This movie filled me up, especially with all the craziness happening in the world. just watch it...
  • Amazing!!!!

    By FFPM208
    What a great movie!!!!! I watched it twice
  • Becoming an Enlightened Being!

    By Steamystuarts
    The movie is beautifully filmed! But the message is very important. Really itโ€™s the only message you ever need to hear. The Big Fish is enlightenment. The grandfather had become enlightened. He taught his son (the father) how to find it. The father travels the world looking for the Big Fish with his family, including his 6 year old son, Given (the narrator). The whole time teaching his son what his father taught him. He sees signs of the Big Fish but never gets close enough to catch it. In the end when he returns home and with great effort he finally catches the Big Fish. The father truly becomes enlightened himself. Going from previously having an intellectual understanding of enlightenment to actually living as an enlightened person. And most importantly passing the path on to his son. Given. Given the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. This movie filled me with Joy!!
  • Great!

    By e image edit
    My children love this film as much as I do. It's a beautiful journey from a child's perspective. The photography is beautiful, the story adventurous. We love it!
  • Just what I needed!

    By itslikeredand8
    This documentary is great espcially if you're looking for something different to watch. Loved the slow start and the beautiful visuals. It sparks something thats in all of us. Watch it, you won't regret it!
  • MD

    By ayeletdudu
    waste of time
  • Mersmerizing, calming & wild!

    By moodmusic2010
    This documentary is an artistic piece of work. It's beauty is captivating. The cinematography is something to get lost in. This beautifully narrated story about the search for a big fish was nothing short of magical. I highly recommend putting down, turning off all the lifeless, violent, chaotic entertainment and immerse yourself in the art of visual storytelling. You will wish you could jump through the screen and touch the sand, ride the waves and meet the people along the way.
  • Wonderful

    By Godisfrusciante
    Beautiful film that everyone in our family enjoyed. My 6 year old son watched it twice.
  • thank you!

    By SteveOoooh9
    this was a great and inspirational film. my family, including my two young daughters, enjoyed it very much. thank you for sharing your adventures with us ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ.