South Park, Season 1

South Park, Season 1

By South Park

  • Genre: South Park
  • Release Date: 1997-08-13
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: South Park 118796564
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99


All thirteen classic episodes from the legendary first season are available here on iTunes. Meet the boys and their outrageous friends and neighbors in the strange mountain town of South Park, and relive their wildest adventures with the supernatural, the extraordinary and the insane.



  • 5 stars just for the heck of it.

    By peepquack
    Don't have it, or any other South Park seasons, but just saying, for a review, Chefs chocolate salty balls is on season 2.

    By CyanCanary
    Its also better than Spongebob and Bob’s Burgers. Trey and Matt, thank you for making this 5-star masterpiece. It’s one of the best tv shows ever created. I don’t want this to be cancelled.
  • Best thing ever!

    By Mr.Eveything11
    this is awesome the computer animation parts in ep 1 looks like real construction paper! :) And now its all widescreen! 36738292828282929283739202938407392/5
  • Butters

    By peepquack
    i only bought one episode (number 10; Damien), and it was awesome. theres one problem though. Wheres Butters? he was the best character (besides Cartman).
  • Decent Comedy

    By TheMartinator
    I like checking out other seasons with the funny moments from this show off of Youtube. Simpsons and Family Guy are much better than this show.
  • Gerry

    By iac ug
  • I have someone in my class with the name Kyle such a coincidence

    By brotherwind
    One of the students in my science class. Is named Kyle
  • Money

    By Therebei
    This is a bit expensive. But this is as best you can get since Netflix started their crap
  • Question!

    By Rx8$*•~
    Does any of this high ratings even matter?!
  • South Park 1997

    By Paul W S
    Technically 1992 is when South Park begin with the short clip of the evil snowman but 1997 is the begining of the actual series and season 1 was super funny, this is one of the best season, I could watch it over and over again. This is the true South Park we all know and love! It was the 90s man!!!