Mars, Season 1

Mars, Season 1

By Mars

  • Genre: Mars
  • Release Date: 2016-11-13
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Mars 1160975860
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99


From executive producers Brian Grazer & Ron Howard, MARS is an epic series following a thrilling quest - in 2033 - to colonize Mars. In a unique blend of scripted drama and feature-film caliber visual effects, intercut with documentary sequences, the series presents what the greatest minds in space exploration are doing to make traveling to Mars a reality, and shows us the world they seek.



  • All the way down

    By Theiultron066
    The mission was able the way home and pay her any attention
  • Great

    By npn_jcn
    Deftly mixes documentary with drama.
  • Habituated excuse

    By naser69@saifullah
    This professional work is a continuation of a rubbish habit.Every fault always seek excuse.
  • Half great

    By Jaime Cross
    I enjoyed the mixture between the doc and drama like most people did. Yet I failed to deliver for the drama portions. It was a cool idea, don't get me wrong. The only drama portion I enjoyed was the Before Mars. Hana was a relatable character to me and all those space nerds out there. I believe that the doc portions and the Before Mars episode saved this tv show from the impending doom that the scripted drama portions had to offer. Overall I give it a 4 star rating. If you are looking for a better scripted show by Nat Geo go check out Genius.
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    By iuuuimwum
  • Mo

    By ouom kmb
    Punk H
  • Started out OK, then went from entertainment to shill.

    By 60sBatfan
    "Mars" is panning out to be a plausible story line. Adventuring scientists go to Mars to do "sciency stuff" then get followed by business seeking profit, not unexpected. There is the personal drama linked with a little science (can a baby born on Mars really go home to Earth? Is Earth really home?) All in all a decent Sci fi flick, too bad Elon Musk et al are using it to shill for Greenpeace. Update 1/5/2019 - Just watched the latest episode, and they have gone over the edge. "Mars" is now a full blown condemnation of mankind and is unapologetically beating the "Manmade Climate Change" drum, and doing so based on false assumptions and pure innuendo. The current day scenes are a bit silly, NASA says global warming is real, and it is man made, and it is caused by too much CO2 in the atmosphere...their solution?? Fly jets all over the arctic putting more CO2 in the atmosphere exacerbating the problem to study the problem. Really guys? You are destroying what little credibility you had.
  • The Greatest Show on Earth and Mars!

    By The Count of Monte Cristo
    Let's hope there is a season 2!!!
  • Too bad!

    By moonmycron
    The documentary portions are worth seeing. Overacting, comedy of errors and whinning is a bit much. Hopefully we would be better represnted.
  • Trash

    By Reviewmasta1
    What really gets me - is clown like Obama, who done NOTHING for space program, is all over the series, while Russians, who actually send first animal, first man, first sattelite, first open space mission, first space station are nearly out. Degenerate propaganda!