Morris from America

Morris from America

By Chad Hartigan

  • Genre: Chad Hartigan
  • Release Date: 2016-08-19
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 30min
  • Director: Chad Hartigan
  • Production Company: Beachside Films
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 0.99
From 58 Ratings


Craig Robinson stars as the father of 13-year-old Morris; though they have just relocated to Germany, Morris won’t let anything stop his pursuit of hip-hop stardom and the girl of his dreams in this hilarious and heartwarming coming-of-age comedy.




  • Garbage

    By MetMattcTT
    Was looking forward to this one. But the trailer is completely different to the film. I don't know how Germany would have funded this film seeing it just deals in stereotypes
  • Lame

    By becrowe66
    How many RT reviews rejoiced in a 'coming of age' hit? My wife and I thought we'd enjoy a feel good, wrong. Fast forwarded most of this garbage. Started OK, but then depressing tale of young boy without a stable home delving into drugs and longing for purpose - instead of finding it, he aimlessly follows the indulging of another child (young girl) lacking a normal home who is viewed as super cool, but in real life I'm sure is strung out on drugs with a few kids along the way. If this is coming of age, we have lost our way.
  • O.K.

    By Berkeley Rooster
    I wasn't really "feeling it." So, I turned it off after about 40 minutes.
  • very well done!!

    By Hystericalfunnywanda sykes
    i loved it. thought it was very well done. And unlike other reviewers, I understood the point of bringing stereotypes into it or at least I think I did. That's how humans tend to process and perceive one another with no interest in looking deeper and be more discerning about people they meet who are different. And you saw how ridiculous those people were int he movie. The girl understood what was wrong with "small" thinking in general, hence why she left her hometown. And you saw the kid struggling in a very different culture that is so outside of his culture. Teenagers can be so cruel when a new kid comes top town regardless of cultural differences. This is a mulitilayered story. Anyone who has had to adjust to being in a differnt country, speaking a different language fighting stereoptypes that all countries have of one another will relate on some level. Hell you don't have to move to another country, you can experience that right here in america. I did coming from a french speaking part of the United States and being a person of color who did not speak very good english and was far more comfortable in my own culture and language. I had to assimilate and it was a challenge. Two thumbs up to this movie!