Homeland, Season 4

Homeland, Season 4

By Homeland

  • Genre: Homeland
  • Release Date: 2015-08-17
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Homeland 494917966
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99


One of television’s most acclaimed, gripping series returns. Having finished a deadly mission in Tehran, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is assigned to head an operation in Islamabad. Grappling with motherhood and the loss of Brody, she is thrust into the center of action for her biggest challenge yet, as the pulse-pounding 4th Season of Homeland unfolds.



  • Astounding

    By yeah okay whatever
    The numbskull (TouchMy42) who said the 4th season is boring, but who confessed to not being able to watch past the second episode, couldn't be more wrong. It is with this season that the show has finally matured. It has left behind the Hollywood romantic storyline and finally taken us into a complex and compelling world. Watch and be enthralled.
  • Awesome

    By Wallcreek984
    What an extremely good and compelling show! Claire Danes is one of the best TV actresses out there right now!!
  • Great Season

    By Baylor_Dylin
    The first season was the best. However, this is a close second. The other two seasons were great as well, just a little slower. This season kept me on the edge and I can't wait for the next season.
  • Isi

    By Wali1111
    They finally believe Isi kick them from Pakistan but still great show
  • Not sure why this isn’t rated higher...

    By Syrimne
    As far as I’m concerned this show keeps getting better. I thought they ended the Brody storyline really well so I was curious to see where they went from there, and wasn’t disappointed. Great new arc so far, loved it.
  • Show more

    By On with phone
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  • Whackadoodle

    By Hippiegirl59
    Loved seasons 1 - 3, but I'm with Touchmy42, as I can't seem to get past episode 3 without wincing in pain. Characters are one dimensional and lacking any humanity with the exception of Peter Quinn. Carrie is the worst; there's absolutely nothing to like about her anymore and her whacked out behaviour has gotten old. The storyline is just a big yawn. The really interesting character the show had is now gone.
  • What happened to Homeland

    By TouchMy42
    It’s like the show ended last season and no one told the writers. The characters go on and have boring lives. Can’t seem to find reason to get past episode two. Really really dull.
  • Who writes this silliness?

    By Berta Canyon
    The CIA has a field agent who suffers from bipolar disorder... and her boss and fellow agents are fully aware of this... An American marine is captured and brutalized for 8 years by his Muslim captors... and he becomes Muslim. Why? "They're weren't a lot of bibles around," is what he tells his friend when confronted. ...and that's just a couple of the glaring departures from any semblance of reality the writers take on this one, but there are so many more that render this show unwatchable.
  • carrie is gross

    By annabanana824
    I really enjoyed seasons 1-3 when carrie was complex and only bordering on unlikable. I couldn’t watch past episode 4 of this season. The seduction of a young student for her investigative purposes gave me the complete creeps. If you are sensitive at all to issues like this don’t bother purchasing this one. I got a refund.